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Today, for breakfast, I was feeling adventurous.  So, I did a small experiment with eggs.


I mixed instant mashed potatoes, egg beaters, and a little whipping cream.  Naturally, I added some mushrooms, onions, and spinach.

This is the result:

It actually came out fine.  I wonder how it would work with real potato.


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Skinny Pasta… Konjac Noodles

I did not have my soup ready to have for lunch today, so I had to come up with a plan B.

Plan B involves the pack of “Skinny Pasta” that I have been avoiding since I purchased it.  I’ve already eaten the fettuccine version of the noodles, so I know that they’re not horrible experiments in what the human gut can withstand. (or are they????)  But I had some and I was low on ideas for a healthy lunch.

Today’s lunch consists of:

  • Weight Watchers Skinny Pasta Noodles : 0 Points
  • Left over Smoked Salmon from breakfast: 0 points
  • 2 tbsp Laura’s Cuisine Parsley Pesto:  3 points

I have to admit… it does not look remotely tasty.

Fortunately, it did not taste as bad as it looks.  The dish was saved by good pesto and salmon.  YAY.

Skinny pasta remains as tasteless as ever.  I am convinced that it is probably one of the most bland UN foods around.  It is the Tofu of the pasta world.

I had a small bottle of Red Rock Golden Ginger Ale, so my lunch jumped up to 11 points.

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Freestyle Omelette

Today is the day that I start following the new Freestyle plan.  I sat down yesterday and made myself a plan for the week and a backup plan for a crazy week.  The backup plan is mostly just a point limit for the various meals throughout the day so that I can set myself some boundaries when deciding what to eat.

Today’s breakfast is a creation based on the omelette building guide.

Here are the ingredients:

  • 1/2 cup of egg beaters: 0 points
  • Sauteed Onions: 0 points
  • Sauteed Mushrooms: 0 points
  • 1 tbsp Cream Cheese: 2 points
  • Smoked Salmon (maybe half an ounce?? i didn’t measure): 0 points

Total Breakfast points: 2

The plan was to include some spinach… but I forgot.

I think next time I will just make it into a scramble.  I’m not very good at folding omelettes into something that resembles an actual omelette.


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Fresh and New

Today I removed the existing WordPress installation on my site and installed a fresh new site.  I have new/old goals in this new site and I’m here to share my journey with everyone and nobody.  I say that because I’m not exactly going to be shouting about my site from the rooftops.  I am well aware of my tendency to create sites and forget about them.  So, everyone will have access but it is more likely that nobody will notice.  That is fine really.  If someone stumbles onto my site, I hope that person can understand where I coming from and where I am trying to go.

Side Note: I like this theme WAY too much.  It somehow taps into my strange love of stationary, empty journals, and etc.  (I’m weird, I can’t explain the stationary fascination)

OK… maybe I might consider posting a link on Facebook… possibly.

Full disclosure, I know the other posts were actually written after this post, but the events they’re describing happened before today.  It feels right to update the publish date so that the actual timeline can be preserved.
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Tiramisu Yule Log

I organized a “Tacky Sweater and Dessert Potluck” party for my co-workers recently.  For that party, I decided to let my spirituality influence my decision on what to create.

I found this wonderful recipe for a Tiramisu Yule Log on Epicurious.

I had all sorts of firsts with this recipe.

  • I used a piping bag to make the meringue mushrooms.
  • I made a jelly roll type cake (that was interesting)
  • I got to make my own ganache (and discover that letting it sit in the fridge overnight rather than putting it straight onto the cake was not a good idea)
  • And of course Tiramisu and cooking with mascarpone.  I had no idea how creamy and yummy that cheese is.  I think I will revisit it with other recipes

As a result of having tried this recipe, I now know that there are benefits in planning desserts in advance.  This is a lengthy recipe and could have been made in stages over a few days.  Planning in advance… what a concept.

I also have way too much in the way of egg whites, so I think I will be playing around with other meringue recipes to make use of it.

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Angel Food Cake

My wonderful hubz has recently purchased a stand mixer for me.  This and many other factors have contributed to my desire to become better at making baked goods.


Last week I tried my hand at my very first angel food cake.  I used the recipe from my Grandmother’s cookbooks.  (I cherish those books)

The main inspiration for my angel food cake decision was this really cool cake pan that I purchased a few years ago.  The pan was feeling lonely and neglected, so I thought that since angel food cake is usually round and this pan was also round that it was a match made in heaven.


Not so much.  My really cool pan was actually a bundt cake pan.  It is a beautiful pan designed to create a cake that looks like a rose.  For any cake that is not like angel food cake, this can probably would have been sufficient.  Angel food cake has very specific instructions for not greasing the pan in any way.  I read somewhere that it is because the batter is made with egg whites and it needs to stick to the sides of the pan to raise properly.

As a result of my ignorance, the cake did not want to be removed from the pan and the pan was extremely difficult to clean.

I served the cake to my poor unsuspecting co-workers.  They seemed to enjoy it.  🙂

I created a cinnamon whipped cream to serve with the cake.  I elected to keep it simple with just the cake and cream.  I was not sure on what kind of fruit I would have wanted to add to the cake without putting my own personal opinion onto the selection. (I think I would have chosen Kiwi or Strawberry)  I am an acknowledged oddball, so, I think people were happier without the kiwi.


Here is a link to the whipped cream recipe.  I don’t think I will ever purchase whipped cream from a store again.

It is WAY too easy to make it myself.

One thing I learned in this whole fun process was that I can substitute Amaretto for almond extract.  According to my googling, almond extract already has a bit of alcohol content.

Basic Angel Food Cake Recipe (10-12 servings)

I calculated this cake to 7 Smart Points per Slice (Assuming 12 servings per cake)

  • 1 cup sifted Cake Flour
  • 1 1/2 cups sugar
  • 1 1/2 cups egg whites (10 – 12 medium sized eggs)
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • 1 1/2 teaspoons cream of tartar
  • 1 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1/2 teaspoon almond extract (I used Amaretto)


  1. Sift together flower and  3/4 cup of sugar until fully sifted.  This will be multiple times… get sifting
  2. Beat yo eggs and add in the salt and cream of tartar at high speeds until it is fluffy
  3. Slowly add in the remaining 3/4 cup of sugar into the egg whites small portions at a time.  Be sure to mix a lot each time 🙂
  4. Continue to beat yo eggs until you see stiff peaks.
  5. Add the vanilla and almond extract into your eggy goodness
  6. Slowly incorporate the dry mixture into your eggy eggwhites (2 tbsp at a time)
    1. Use a spatula or a whip
  7. Pour batter into an UNGREASED tube pan
  8. Bake in pre-headed 350 degree oven for 40 – 50 minutes or until it looks golden brown
  9. Flip pan over and let it cool upside down for an hour or so.
    1. Placing the pan on something cone shaped like a funnel or bottle or your nose can help with the cooling process.
  10. Cut cake out of the pan however is easiest for you.  If you have used the proper pan (unlike me) this should literally be a piece of cake