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Tiramisu Yule Log

I organized a “Tacky Sweater and Dessert Potluck” party for my co-workers recently.  For that party, I decided to let my spirituality influence my decision on what to create.

I found this wonderful recipe for a Tiramisu Yule Log on Epicurious.

I had all sorts of firsts with this recipe.

  • I used a piping bag to make the meringue mushrooms.
  • I made a jelly roll type cake (that was interesting)
  • I got to make my own ganache (and discover that letting it sit in the fridge overnight rather than putting it straight onto the cake was not a good idea)
  • And of course Tiramisu and cooking with mascarpone.  I had no idea how creamy and yummy that cheese is.  I think I will revisit it with other recipes

As a result of having tried this recipe, I now know that there are benefits in planning desserts in advance.  This is a lengthy recipe and could have been made in stages over a few days.  Planning in advance… what a concept.

I also have way too much in the way of egg whites, so I think I will be playing around with other meringue recipes to make use of it.