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Fresh and New

Today I removed the existing WordPress installation on my site and installed a fresh new site.  I have new/old goals in this new site and I’m here to share my journey with everyone and nobody.  I say that because I’m not exactly going to be shouting about my site from the rooftops.  I am well aware of my tendency to create sites and forget about them.  So, everyone will have access but it is more likely that nobody will notice.  That is fine really.  If someone stumbles onto my site, I hope that person can understand where I coming from and where I am trying to go.

Side Note: I like this theme WAY too much.  It somehow taps into my strange love of stationary, empty journals, and etc.  (I’m weird, I can’t explain the stationary fascination)

OK… maybe I might consider posting a link on Facebook… possibly.

Full disclosure, I know the other posts were actually written after this post, but the events they’re describing happened before today.  It feels right to update the publish date so that the actual timeline can be preserved.