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Skinny Pasta… Konjac Noodles

I did not have my soup ready to have for lunch today, so I had to come up with a plan B.

Plan B involves the pack of “Skinny Pasta” that I have been avoiding since I purchased it.  I’ve already eaten the fettuccine version of the noodles, so I know that they’re not horrible experiments in what the human gut can withstand. (or are they????)  But I had some and I was low on ideas for a healthy lunch.

Today’s lunch consists of:

  • Weight Watchers Skinny Pasta Noodles : 0 Points
  • Left over Smoked Salmon from breakfast: 0 points
  • 2 tbsp Laura’s Cuisine Parsley Pesto:  3 points

I have to admit… it does not look remotely tasty.

Fortunately, it did not taste as bad as it looks.  The dish was saved by good pesto and salmon.  YAY.

Skinny pasta remains as tasteless as ever.  I am convinced that it is probably one of the most bland UN foods around.  It is the Tofu of the pasta world.

I had a small bottle of Red Rock Golden Ginger Ale, so my lunch jumped up to 11 points.